"Unquestionably underlying Louisa's whole approach to serving as an evaluator is what is best for the children. Her training and experience as a guardian ad litem serve her well in that regard. At the same time she strikes an appropriate balance between making objective comments that, by necessity, may have to be blunt, while still making such expressions of empathy and compassion as are appropriate."
-Rich Krambeer, Krambeer Mediation, LLC
"I found her to be a good listener and a fair and impartial evaluator... of the parties' situation. She was respectful and courteous to both parties and showed an appreciation of and an ability to apply the best interest standards in discussing and making recommendations. I enjoyed working with her and look forward to working with her again in the future."
-Daniel P. DeWan, Jennings, DeWan & Anderson, LLC
"Louisa is a very out-going and engaging person. She has the ability to bring a room of strangers together and set a tone in the group that lends itself well to collaboration. For traditional child-focused mediations I believe Louisa has a balanced blend of kindness, insight and patience that would serve the process and the parties well."
- Family Law Attorney, Minnesota Family Law Practitioner
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